Did you lose to the cat? Don’t worry, it’s absolutely ok

Do you think you have catlike reflexes? Take a look at this amazing video below and see who recognized what was going on first you or the cat.  Don’t worry, if you lose to the cat it is absolutely ok.  Actually, the more we think about it, it is absolutely okay if you watch the video about a dozen times because it does not get any less funny.



Poor kitty. She just wants some fish! #? #9gag @9gagmobile

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The brain of a cat is a truly amazing thing.  Analysis done on cat brains have shown they are divided into many areas with specialized tasks that are extremely interconnected and share sensory information in a kind of hub-and-spoke network, with a large number of specialized hubs and many alternate paths between them. This exchange of sensory information allows the brain to construct a complex perception of the real world and to react to and manipulate its environment.  We learned this from here, worth a look.

So, did you recognize what was being drawn before or after the cat?  Be honest…let us know what you think below.

I still strive for cat-like reflexes…

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